About Us
What is Chibi Studio?
Chibi Studio is an entertainment industry based in Vancouver. We produce characters, stories, and inspirations.
What do we do?
Our dream is to bring joy, smiles, and inspirations into our communities. We believe, by creating new ideas and creative innovations into entertainment industry will inspire our communities. We delivers our promise by designing our product to be simple, to be loveable, and to be part of your life style.
What inspire our style concept?
Our style concept is inspired by Manga, Simplicity, and Minimalistic.
What do we produce?
Our main product is the first edition plush collections, and they are handmade. We are using all new materials only. We always wash these new materials before making our plushies. These plushies are made in a clean, non-smoking, and no pet environment.
Who are we?  
We are siblings, Jesslyn and Ardi, who live in Vancouver. We both love manga and video games with stories. If you want to come and see us in person, or just to come by and say hi, please check our facebook page for event announcements.
Photography: ALAN LIANG